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Kennel Club Breeder Education Seminars - Full Details

The Kennel Club and University of Cambridge have launched a new scheme to improve the health of French Bulldogs. The new Respiratory Function Grading Scheme assesses dogs for the presence and severity of a breathing problem known as BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome).

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The Health team at the Kennel Club have organised a health screening day for the 21st February at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth CV8 2LZ. At this, they will have RFG Assessments and BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme testing available for owners. We are asking owners who would like to book an appointment to contact them via [email protected] or on 01296 318540 EXT (1248).

Please see a post regarding the day on their ‘Dog Health and Breeding news from @TheKennelClubUK’ Facebook page

The Kennel Club is concerned that Pugs, Bulldogs and French Bulldogs attending, and particularly those winning at Crufts, who have not been tested under the Respiratory Function Grading Scheme will receive strong negative attention from the media and further the Kennel Club will be put under further pressure to take stronger action with these breeds. Therefore we are urging exhibitors to make the most of the month up to Crufts and participate in the scheme. To assist you in this we are holding a RFG testing day on the 21st February at the Kennel Club Stoneleigh Building, This has been circulated to club secretaries and breed health co-ordinators by my colleague Fern McDonnell, and is also available to share on our Facebook group here. If anybody would like to make an appointment or be given assistance in booking an RFG Scheme assessment for this date or at any other time they should email [email protected].


The RFG scheme assessment is non invasive, the dog will be assessed by a specially trained vet who will initially use a stethoscope to listen to the dog’s breathing while they are calm and relaxed. The dog will then be encouraged to move around an exercise area at a quick pace for 3 minutes, either by the vet or yourself. The vet will then listen to your dog’s breathing again and will use a list of criteria and protocol to give a grade.


For anybody who would like to understand the science behind this scheme, you can access the published paper by Dr. Jane Ladlow here

The Kennel Club needs your support to demonstrate with evidence that Pugs, Bulldogs and French Bulldogs can lead happy healthy lives when their health and welfare is considered a priority when breeding, The Respiratory Function Grading Scheme is the strongest mechanism we have to show a commitment to tackling BOAS within these breeds and further to demonstrate that this community as a whole is committed to the health and welfare of its dogs.


To find an assessor and more information on the scheme you can visit the link here or contact the health and welfare team at the Kennel Club for advice and support [email protected] 

Communication from The Kennel Club