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French Bulldog Breed Notes  23/08/17

Sorry for the lateness with these notes but it’s been a hectic few days here . WKC was the Champ show just gone and Ann Ingram was the judge for the breed . We didn’t enter as we really , really need to get on top of the house ..or we’ll have no house to come home to !

Anyway I digress, Ann found her DCC and BOB in Dean and Abbie Cund and Linda and Alex Harrops Bentley. CH Chelmbull Moonpilot now owns 12 CC’s , not bad going there . The RDCC was to Ann Wildman and Mikae Godai’s Michael, Am/Jap CH Le Bijou Circuit at Wldax.The BCC and BPIB  was to Ann Wildmans puppy Wildax Chudney Ross and the RBCC to Rosie , Denise Maxwell’s Eastonite Maxwells News . Best Veteran was Jackie and Richard Mavro Michaelis Shoebridge Vouvray .

We did manage an open show on the Sunday as it was fairly local and our Noosha was awarded BOB under breed judge Richie Cairns at Kent County and dcs. Tytorro Easy Action went into the Utility group under Sue Parkin Russell and was awarded UG1 . Richie found his P in Lynne Lampens Ollie , Khanin Guardian Angel at Rosco who was handled wonderfully by Lynnes Grandaughter Bow in the breed class and the Utility Puppy Group where they were a fabulous UPG2 .

Lots of folk have crossed the water for the Irish shows and there are some lovely results coming in from there .Penny Rankin Parsons was judging at the French Bulldog Society of Ireland show and she found her Best in Show for 2017 in Lilya Gura Mallons Dasha, Celticlibrid Dare T’ Believe won GSB nad young Celticlibrid Sassy As was BPIS . The RBIS was to Kevin and Lisa Croarkin’s Hank , KesaSonas Little Hank.

Over at the Kilarney and dcs Champ show Helen Gracie was out with Ollie and the judge for the breed was Ms maribell Sy . She awarded Ollie, Vital Way Hip Hop Bellicose GSD and BOB . Liliya Mallon was there too and her Dasha earned another Green Star and Jane Waterfield with young Mishka , Kuredeux Shine Eye Gal at Lukesland was awarded RGS and I am guessing BP too .

Schedules for the M&NCFBC show in November will be dropping on your doorsteps as I type , but unfortunately we are going to have a replacememnt judge as Kenny Rawsthorne has withdrawn from his appointment . As yet I cant tell you who it will be , but as soon as I hear I will let you know, and I know members will be e-mailed as soon as we know also . Fosse Data will be updated , so please keep an eye out .

Now I did bring about a post a while back regarding the breeding of NRC French Bulldogs by people in other breeds and it seems I am now being called out as being a hypocrite as I am campaigning a dog from a breeder who has had an nrc pup . I can categorically state that my pup does not have any nrc behind her , but if she did she would never be bred on from . I stand my ground with my original post stating my disgust that someone in another KC recognised breed would breed a Frenchie in a variety of colours that are not recognised and not naturally occurring colours  . Things did get  heated on there , but Frenchie people are very passionate and protective of our breed and rightly so . As should anyone in any other breed .

Bat Ears is just about done and dusted and ready to go off to print , just having a last minute check , so that should be ready for collection at the M&NCFBC Champ show in September .

I received my copy of The French Connection today , thank you to Richie Cairns for another lovely read . On the subject of Richie , don’t forget to get your tickets for the S.T.A.G event in October , along with my FC I received the schedule for the Champ show that follows the event the next day with Jan Furneux as judge elect . The Champ show is also available to enter on Fosse Data .

It’s the Bank Holiday weekend coming up , Scotland is the Champ show where Mrs M Mulholland has an entry of 69 Frenchies . There are lots of open shows all round the country on all three days so I am hoping to have lots of lovely news to bring next time .

Drop me a line .

Jane Morgan