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French Bulldog 18/10/17

The event that had been in everyones news and conversations finally arrived last weekend . S.T.A.G. ( Supreme Trophy Awards Gala) hosted by the FBCE was held at the Royal Court hotel in Coventry on the Saturday . The event started with the charity showcase with the veterans , special pairs and special teams competing under judge Rob McDonald . Best veteran was Barry and Lilian Poulson’s Marcus, Brandoux. The pairs was won by Richie Cairns youngsters Freya and Ida , handled by Richie and Dom Hogan and the team award was to Russ and Charlotte Swateridge with their Xentique French Bulldogs .

The S.T.A.G judging was to start at 12.30 and I am glad we arrived just before as I assumed it would be pups, followed by juniors etc . My panic ensued as both dogs and bitches were to be judged simultaneously in the ring with the top 10 from each category , so I rushed to get myself sorted out .That will teach me for taking a leisurely morning !

The judges for the event were husband and wife Elena Sanchez Darias and Alfonso Ferrer along with Jill De’Ath and they whittled the top 10 down to their top 5 . Once the pups were judged to the top 5 the juniors followed in  and the same with the open class. Once that was done the top 5 all went back in in their categories and the top 2 from each were chosen to go through to the Grande Finale later that night .

Ring stewards were Malcolm Trevis and Jean Pratt and they kept everyone in their rightful places in numerical order and the compare was Penny Rankine Parsons who made sure the judges were happy with their results before announcing which dogs would be going through .

The trophies and rosettes looked fabulous all displayed at the head of the ring and they were all sponsored by folk with prize money too . I was thrilled to see that we –Tytorro French Bulddogs – had sponsored the Silver Cup of Horns which was awarded to the overall winner of S.T.A.G  2017 . Well done to everyone who sponsored the other awards too .

Onto the main winners then .Puppy bitch was Ben Dunning’s Penny, Rozeldogue Pitch Perfect and RBPB was Barbara Morisons Jafrak Soft Centre at Xandene .Junior bitches were the two Rosies , BJB was Jane Mackie’s Rosie, Jafrak Sherbert Dab and RBJB was Denise Maxwell’s Rosie , Eastonite Maxwells News. Open bitch winner and overall S.T.A.G winner was Angela Pleasance young pied Sienna , Katakia One and Only and RB Open B was to Charlotte Swateridge’s Bonnie , Xentique Total Eclipse.

The dog winners were PD and JD with BPD and BJD going to Dean Cund and Morgan , Chelmbull the Aviator , doing the double .RBPD was Jackie Brown’s Kuredeux Don Dada and the RBJD was to Rebecca Ellis’ Mr BB , Baclaudi Bumbleberry Pie by Glitterkiss. BOD was Dom Hogan’s Opie , CH Xentique Pandamonium for Baclaudi and the RBOD was to Jack and Frances Kralls Fudge, Jafrak Finger of Fudge.

There were also awards given out in the evening to Vanessa Bryant for young Nate , Archness Sign O’ The Times who was the winner of Best Head  and another wonderful award went to Vanessa for her Bongo , Risethor Tiger Tiger Archness , the comical Archie who is still missed by so many , and that award was very fitting as it was for Most Comical FB .Lucy Bonsall saw her daughter Lola scoop a fabulous Best Newcomer and Lucy herself was awarded for her dedication to the breed . I’ll have to find out the other awards and bring news next time .

The following day was the club’s Championship with Jan Furneux judging the breed . I think there were a few sore heads in the ring but well deserved sore heads . The DCC and BIS was to Jack and Frances Krall’s Fudge and to add to that wonderful win Frances also saw Barbara Morison with Jafrak Soft Centre at Xandene scoop the BCC and BPB alongwith BPIS . The RDCC was to Dom Hogan’s Opie and the RBCC was to Sharon Pearce with Tillcar Amazing Grace . Best Veteran was Charlotte Swateridge’s Matilda . Jan Mason was judging the Special awards classes during the lunch break , but again I will have to look for the results of those for you next notes .

We couldn’t stay overnight as my dog sitters were rudely holidaying themselves . My Matt decided fishing in France was more enjoyable that watching the hooligans here and my Emma preferred to shop in New York , so we journeyed home . On the Sunday we attended the Gravesend Open show and our Noosha was BOB under judge Karen Murphy and the Utility group 3 under Sue Bird and Blondie was BP , RBOB and UPG3 too .It was lovely to catch up with everyone all weekend , Karlai Hau popped over with her new baby for a day of socialising . She wasn’t fazed at all . It’s great to be able to bring the babies out to the opens and get them used to the noise and smells ( of the venue I hasten to add ) .

Please support the open shows as some of the Frenchie entries are a little low  for some societies and it would be a real shame to lose the classes due to lack of numbers . The shows are fantastic training for youngsters and a great day out watching and chatting to others in different breeds , usually the topic of NRC will come up so it’s a good way of getting the message across that they are not rare and not worth the fortunes they cost .

For anyone wanting BOAS testing or Thermal Imaging there is a great opportunity via the Phoenix FB Rescue on November 26th in Soham , Cambs . Teresa Cargill along with Scampers ( ) are hosting a day of health testing . Appointments must be booked , for more information please get in touch with Tersa at

I would like to end this weeks notes with a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me and enjoyed Bat Ears over the last few years . I have stepped down from the committee of the M&NCFBC , but wish the club every success for the future. I am looking forward to judging the club open show in April next year , more so that it will be the club’s 60th anniversary and am honoured to have been voted to judge this show by the club members . Again , my sincerest thanks to everyone .

Any other news please drop me a line, especially open show news .

Jane Morgan