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Our AGM was scheduled to take place after the cancelled Open show, a new date will be announced as soon as government regulations allow



Netherlands Kennel Club (Raad van Beheer) - Standards Controversy

Written by Richard Mavro-Michaelis on behalf of MNCFBC


The Breeds Involved

The Netherlands Kennel Club has introduced a number of new regulations concerning the registration of dogs under its jurisdiction. The regulations affect the breeding of twelve breeds: Bulldogs , French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Griffon Belge and Bruxellois, Petit Brabancon, Japanese Chin, King Charles Spaniel, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Affenpinscher. In Dutch parlance these breeds are known as short-muzzled dogs.


The Netherlands KC has taken this action in response to Dutch parliament legislation, (the Animals Act and the Animals Keepers Act of 2014) but has done so without reference to the FCI (Federation Cynologigue Internationale) nor the individual Dutch breed clubs, nor the owners of the breed standards.


New Requirements

From 18 may 2020 the DKC requires that new litters of these breeds can only be registered with a pedigree if the parents meet a number of new criteria, as certificated by a veterinary surgeon. In lay terms the criteria include a nose to skull length ratio of 3 to 5, no abnormal breathing while at rest, open nostrils, no nasal fold, and complete eyelid closure over non -protruding eyes . The Netherlands KC will allow one parent not to meet the required conformation and will also allow one parent to be of a different breed in order to meet the new requirements, in effect creating a cross breed. No other litters will be issued with a pedigree of the nominated breed and therefore will not be showable.



Consequently there has been a worldwide reaction in opposition and concern, emanating from national Kennel Clubs and individual breed clubs. In the UK many clubs have written to the Dutch Kennel Club expressing their objections and concerns. An example of these concerns is that well expressed by the American Kennel Club, “ these restriction will only affect responsible breeders that use the registry (registration system)……….it leaves the breeds at the hands of those who do not use the registry or submit to the breeder codes of ethics of Kennel clubs”.


An opposition group has been set up to inform interested people of progress in the Netherlands and can be found on Facebook, Brachy Union - Standard Protection.


The Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog Club gives its moral support to the Dutch French Bulldog community as it endeavours to fight the changes.


Click here to see the response from the Kennel Club

Discover Dogs At Crufts 2020

The Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog Club's stand at Crufts won the best stand in the Utility Group and went on to be awarded the Overall Winner of all groups. Congratulations to Richard & Jackie Mavro and all the team that gave so much time manning the stand and answering so many questions each day











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M&NCFBC Spring Open Show 2019


           Results                  Judge: Mr Richie Cairns           Judges Critique









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M&NCFBC Championship Show 2019

          Results                         Judge: Mrs C E Cartledge (Ryslip)

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Sponsored French Bulldog Classes at General Open Shows

To encourage entries at General Open Shows, the Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog Club are pleased to sponsor French Bulldog Classes at selected shows. These classes will be judged by judges included on the club judges list and these shows will be listed on our website.

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M&NCFBC Open Show - Sunday 29th December2019


Judge: Miss A Ellis (Eastonite)



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